Lafayette Lift Trucks

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Services Offers

Here at Lafayette Lift Trucks, we offer an array of services to fit our customers’ needs. These services include: Annual Inspections, Preventive Maintenance Services, Trucking to and from locations, Rentals, Sale of Parts, as well as Sale of Equipment.


Annual Inspections:

Lafayette Lift Trucks offers annual inspections for all of the following:

  • Trailer Boom
  • Scissor Lift
  • Boom Lift below 80 ft.
  • Boom Lift about 80 ft.
  • Rough Terrain Scissor Lift
  • Electric Boom
  • Electric Vertical Drivable
  • Electric Vertical Push Around
  • Forklift

We do include a travel time per hour in addition to the inspection. Please let us know if you have any questions. We would be more than happy to make accommodations that work for everyone.


Preventive Maintenance Services:

Preventive Maintenance services include a routine inspection on your equipment to keep your forklift or equipment in great condition. Within these services, we may address and services or repairs that may need to be done so you can address any issues before they become more significant.



Lafayette Lift Trucks have multiple solutions for all of your hauling needs. We can offer services to pick up, drop off, or drop off and pick up equipment for your convenience. Please contact us to help you find the best solution for you!



Lafayette Lift Trucks deals in rentals for any type of environment. Check out our rental tab for more information regarding our rentals.


Sale of Parts:

Here at Lafayette Lift Trucks, we keep thousands of parts on hand for all makes and models. If we do not have what you are looking for on hand, we know all the correct resources to get you the highest quality of parts as well as the most cost effective part on the market.


Sale of Equipment:

Stay tuned for new products that are coming soon!


As always, contact us with any questions or concerns that may arise